Shoulder Mobility and a Deep Relaxation | 45 min

Mindfully increase the strength and flexibility of your shoulders. Then relax in restorative poses and Savasana.

Supported by the Ground | 47 min

Cultivating your relationship to gravity, explore the movements that liberate the energy in the pelvis and lower part of the spine. 

Finding Freedom in the Spine | 52 min

Start with soft bounces to connect with your feet and then proceed to inviting inner ease and softness in the spine in some of the classical yoga postures such as Standing Forward Bend, Triangle, Half-Moon, Eagle, seated twists and forward folds. Ends with a 10 min practice of elongating the exhalation and whole body relaxation.

Energizing Arm-Strengthening Practice | 44 min

Advanced level. A slow progressive warm up of establishing connections between the inner centers leads to better grounding and an easier lift of the body in Firefly, Wheel pose and Handstand.

Whole-Body Connection and Balance | 34 min

Begin by simple supine rocking, pulsing and easy stretches in balancing and squatting asana. Awaken a sense of connectivity and balance throughout the whole body. This will prepare you for finding an inner pulse and vitality in a variety of standing postures that follow. Session completes with Mudras and meditation

Mindful Inversions | 32 min

Start with 7 minutes of Pranayama. Investigate your connection to the Earth in inversions with legs still on the ground (Dolphin, Down Dog, Bear etc). Use this experience in Pincha Mayurasana and Handstand.

Lateral Spinal Movement | 34 min

Engage in lateral spinal movement initiating from each spinal segment to discover the lightness and inner ease