Sensit Yoga Somatics | Thursday 18:00-19:30 CET  


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The essence of Sensit Yoga is an embodied self-inquiry, and self-exploration.

The sessions include asana, developmental, functional and intuitive movement, without requiring previous experience in any one of those. Working with felt experiences and sensations, all the movements become a practice of body-mind integration. Embodying our anatomical structures and feeling our different systems and layers of being, enables us to perceive and understand ourselves better. This leads to having greater trust in ourselves, and at the same time it builds understanding and empathy towards others. This work gives us the ground for releasing old habits and creating new, more integrated and conscious patterns of moving, breathing and being.

It is advisable that you have a good internet connection, microphone and a camera.

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"Sensit somatic practice has a deeply calming effect on my nervous system. Every movement arises more naturally, more easily, and the strength that is being built comes without the unnecessary tension. The way Maja teaches embodied anatomy through her meditative, step by step guidance, leads me to greater depths of awareness and self-realisation.
Being guided to initiate the movement through the consciousness of each organ, bone or other tissue, brings me into the now of my being, and turns time into means of self-knowledge. Memories of the past that arise, become useful information for the future. All this results in a sense of greater sense of confidence, self-trust, and ultimately their application in our actions outside the yoga mat!" - Ιoanna Petridou, yoga teacher, graduate of Physical Education and Sports Science school, and orthopedic assistant

Deeply relaxating and rehabilitating - M. Konstantoulaki, 2018

I experienced a greater connection with myself, listening to what the body has to say. Greater awareness, interoception and empathy are cultivated through micro-movements and observation. - E. Korpou, Yoga Teacher RYT500 - wellness coach |  Yoga healing aka Εφη Κορπου 

Deep, conscious, and very liberating. This practice awakens the senses, unblocks the energy and gives the feeling of freedom and authenticity. The most gentle and at the same time enjoyable way to gain knowledge of the self and empathy toward others - E. Skopa, 2020

Very caring and multidimensional approach, with exploration and living experience at its essence. The feeling of grounding is very much felt as well as a feeling of internal volume. All the senses are increased and there are no mechanical movements. The sessions connected in a very natural way therapy with yoga practice. They teaching teaches how to connect the internal body sensation and patterns with the shape of an asana. It teaches how to prioritise the experience and then allow to express itself creatively in an asana form - Daphne Ramsi 2018


Maja Zilih is the founder of the Sensit Yoga and Somatics system, as well as of Athens Yoga Center, Greece and Maya Yoga™, Austria.

She is an Experienced E-RYT 500h Yoga Alliance registered yoga teacher and teacher trainer

The life and teachings of Maja are dedicated to connecting with people with devotion and care, offering the wisdom of yoga in a dynamic way that respects the needs of each individual, inviting them at the same time to unfold their true and full potential. Her method integrates different styles of yoga as she

- combines dynamism with meditative and mindful approach to asana,
- teaches detailed and concrete alignment techniques in a way that students can comprehend and apply
- links movement with inner awareness, and- always inspires students to approach yoga as a way of life.

She is most interested in exploring the ways in which physical practice, breath, mind observation and yoga philosophy can all be combined and used in everyday challenges that life presents. In Maja’s classes, the practice of yoga and life itself become one and the same. Yoga becomes a tool for healing all human relationships, including the relationship with oneself. It contributes to the emotional maturity of the individual and brings about the spiritual elevation and growth of the collective. Maja holds teacher training programs, alignment and therapy workshops, seminars on teaching and sequencing advanced poses, classes and yoga retreats in Austria and Greece.

She is Yoga Alliance International Registered Yoga teacher RYT500, an Anusara Yoga™ Inspired Yoga Teacher as well as holder of 

  • Bsc in Economy
  • Bsc in Social Science 
  • Msc in Political Science

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