Yoga for children through theatrical game, musical and kinetic expression, encourages creativity, cooperation, freedom of expression, emotional and spiritual development, AND it is a lot of fun.

In modern times, most children are undergoing daily stress in the environment they live in. There is stress from exams in school, from many hours of doing homework, from the need for "results" in different sport activities, from the need to be popular among friends, stress from various things they see on TV, from violent images, movies, computer games and other influences.

Therefore it is very important that there is a place and time for children to relax through creative games, songs, stories and expression of feelings. In yoga classes at the same time, children learn breathing and movement techniques that will always be useful to them. The breath and movement, or posture, foundation of yoga practice, are a natural way of dealing with stress and other life challenges.

Within a safe and warm environment of Athens Yoga Studio, children:
- Express themselves creatively though theatrical games, yoga poses and moves, music and stories, combining the individual and the global, building free, autonomous and creative personalities.
- Develop the capacity to concentrate, balance and relax
- Build physical strength, acquire flexibility and coordination of the body
kids' color figures in meditation and similar asanas- Begin to feel better with their body and build self esteem
- Develop awareness of their internal world
- Learn to co-operate rather than compete
- Develop sympathy and compassion - ability to feel, recognise and respect the feelings of others
maja with kids in partner yoga postureFurthermore, because there is no way for one to "fail" in yoga, or not to be good at something, children have the opportunity to engage with one another without the pressure of succeeding, to be "the best" or to "win". In this way they can enjoy being themselves, having fun and at the same time learning about nutrition, anatomy, environment, as well as about principles of yoga such as non-violence, interdependence and unity.

Assuming a posture (asana) of a tree or various animals, children realize the connection between their own world and the environment, cultivating respect towards all beings and recognising our mutual interdependence.

Yoga is an opportunity for children to embark on this precious journey of mental health and clarity and personal development from early life. It is an opportunity to cultivate their infinite innate intelligence and to remain in touch with their intuition, with their natural instinct, so that their bright inner light keeps shining as they grow in the modern world.