Expand your horizons! Sensit Yoga™ Somatics Retreat on Crete with Maja Zilih | 1-6 November 2021

Deep into the autumn, this is a beautiful time to be on Crete. The air temperatures matches that of the sea (25-28 Celsius), the winds have calmed down, and the sky is painted by incredibly beautiful autumn colors. We feel nourished and embraced by the surrounding.


  What do participants say? - TESTIMONIALS


"Thank you for this incredible week. It has given me relief from stress and inner peace. Working with you and this group has helped me develop a strong relationship to myself and my body. It wasn’t possible for me to imagine how much I would receive from you and this location. It was incredible. After the yoga, my whole body and soul felt deeply grounded and connected to everything. I cant explain it well, but I am extremely grateful for being part of this retreat."
Paula from Austria, July 2021

"As a beginner, I felt like this was my first real contact with Yoga. Profound, deep, well-grounded. I enjoyed every single day of this retreat. And I am really glad that I got to know Yoga in this way. Thank you very much"
Harald from Austria, July 2021

"What a wonderful retreat you gave us on this beautiful island! It helped me relax completely and recharge my batteries. I will not forget the warm welcome you and your lovely family gave me on the first day. May the long time sun shine upon you…"
Ann from Belgium, July 2021

"Thank you for this wonderful yoga retreat and for the opportunity to be a part of this warm group of people. It helped me feel calm after a very long time. I loved the sea and the wind and the so many stars in the sky. I loved being at the beach every day, and in the evenings getting together and eating delicious meals. I am taking all these experiences with me now, and I will try to remember how it feels being the jellyfish in the sea"
Eva from Greece, July 2021

"It was a wonderful time in a wonderful place, with deep connections of the body with the Earth and the environment. Sensit Yoga could turn out to be my favorite yoga type!"

Manfred from Austria, July 2021

Maja's knowledge is so vast; from pranayama to asana sequencing and alignment to meditation. Her teaching methods are so complete with no question going unanswered. Keep shining Maja, you're a true treasure to yoga!!! See you again!
Annika, J, Paros 
Thank you so much for such an insightful week of learning, regenerating and healing. You are a gifted teacher and a talented leader and I hope the work you do will sustain and nourish you for a long time to come.
Jennie, Portland, USA
Thank you so much for setting up such a fantastic week in such a magical place. It is amazing what happens when a group of wonderful people get together for a common purpose. You have taught us so much and I appreciate it.
Bradley, Portland, USA
Thank you for a wonderful week in Crete, for showing me new approaches to poses as well as for sharing your views on yoga philosophy and spirituality. I really enjoyed the lectures and the meditations and I will certainly take these experiences home with me
Louisa, Vienna, Austria
What a wonderful experience! Thank you very much for a heart-opening week of becoming more of the person that I am. Thank you for your guidance that opened me to new experiences both on a physical and a mental/emotional level. I look forward to staying in touch
Stefanie, Vienna, Austria
Thank you warmly for this unique, interesting and rewarding week. Thank you for your spiritually guided lessons thanks to which I am a bit nearer to myself. Thank you for all your support from my heart!
Nadia, Italy
Being born and socialized in a country that produced and reproduced “followers”, I’ve never thought that I will wish one day to “follow” somebody. And here I am, happy to follow you and your spirit, happy to silent the mind and discover the truth around and the truth within. In deep appreciation
Rossalina, L., 
You, your family, your enormous passion, have made this place and this retreat an unexplainable, yet fully acknowledged and felt necessity – for the unknown it leads to, as well as the answers and still deeper questions and truths. My love and admiration
Thank you for organizing everything, thank you for bringing such a wonderful group together, thank you for transmitting us your knowledge, thank you for your energy!!!  This place is indeed amazing and perfect for a retreat J.   It was my first retreat and I am so grateful for your help to make us go further in our practice. I really feel that I accomplished a lot in my body and mind.I love your philosophical beginnings of the class, already from before. They make me think a lot and apply it in my daily life.
I enjoyed this week a lot. I learned so much about yoga and experienced my body and myself in new ways. All our yoga classes were a lot of fun and made me want to learn and practice yoga even more.
Markus, 2016

  Sensit Yoga 

Sensit Yoga Retreat is a unique experience of reaching new depths of awareness through a sensitive yoga practice. Surrounded by a mesmerizing natural environment and feeling our body on a deeper level, we start to feel truly at home with ourselves.

Sensit Yoga practice and movement 

The program consists of twice daily yoga and somatic practice. In each session you are guided into movement while exploring the body systems, such as skeletal, myofasical, organ, fluid and neuro-endocrine system.

In Sensit Yoga, moving into and through different shapes and postures, we always make sure that we move from the inner body, with sensitivity and awareness. As we become conscious in movement of the support coming from our relationship to gravity, and from the connections between our inner spaces and structures, our nervous system can relax and become receptive and open to new learning. This new learning is about honoring the body and breath, and listening to its guidance. It is about feeling connected to the earth and the environment around us, feeling its support.

The body communicates where it has been storing the unnecessary tension and we learn how to release this tension by directing our attention and breath, by initiating movement from certain areas, and by working with gravity in particular ways. It becomes much easier to tune into the body's signals, develop our intuition, recognise when we are falling into the unhealthy patterns and automatic reactions, and start to build new patterns of more conscious living.

Unleashing the energy that was used for holding the accumulated tension resultis in a grounded, energized, joyful and effortless way of moving and being. 



 Maja Zilih

Maja is the founder of Sensit Yoga™ Somatics. She has been teaching yoga and meditation since 2007. Her method Sensit Yoga is a mindful and interoceptive practice that aims at expanding the awareness of all the levels of our being. The practice combines yoga asana infused with elements of body-mind centering, natural/primal movement, functional exercises, tension release techniques and movements that arise for each individual in their own way. The sessions always complete with meditation and a long relaxation. Expect to be continuously invited to feel, sense and move from and through your inner body. Sometimes you follow the instructions, other times you inquire into the needs of your unique body and let it take the lead. You explore and utilize your relationship with space and gravity. You play with different ways in which you can awaken fluidity and ease not only in the body and breath but also in the mind. By becoming conscious of your deep primal inner connections you find new source of support. Your body begins to release the unnecessary tension and each movement becomes an opportunity for a total body-mind-spirit integration.

More about Maja here


  Location and how to get there  

Our retreat base is located at Agios Pavlos, an area at the Southern Edge of Crete, with a majestic 180° view of the Libyan sea.

It is a region of exceptional natural beauty. Rugged and unspoiled, the area offers breathtaking scenery and glorious beaches making this a very special place to visit. Overlooking the stunning bay the hotel has a fine restaurant, a relaxing café/bar, and a mini market so you don't have to leave for any of your holiday essentials.

There are two airports on the island at more or less the same distance from the retreat center. CHania (CHQ) and Heraklion (HER) the Crete’s region capital city 

In both airports there are direct flights to and from all major cities in Europe and the world.

For the price of 110 Euros, Ms Georgia or her husband can drive you safely with their Mercedes and bring you from the airport (or port) of Herakleion to the place of the retreat. 

It is about 100 min drive

However, we strongly suggest to rent a car at the airport (appx price 25-30 Euros per day), as this enables to move around more, and visit many amazing beaches near Agios Pavlos or and the wider areas, such as Preveli, Agia Fotia and beyond.


Those who wish to connect with other participants to share a ride, need to tell us at least 2 weeks before the retreat. 


  Yoga and Somatics Program

Daily program: One morning 2hr (energizing) and one evening 90 min (relaxing/grounding) session. .

In Sensit Yoga practice you are guided to move with open attention, curiosity and heightened receptivity.


  Cretan Cuisine 

  Things to do | Excursions and activities 

Once you have reached this Southern edge the continent you can dive to a mesmerizing and reinvigorating landscape.

-Swim in the warm inviting waters of the beach neighbouring the hotel which is also ideal for families.


- Descend to one of the most amazing beaches of Crete, called St. Pavlos Sandhills, offering spectacular sunsets.


Take a tour of the area and rest your gaze on the long oceanic-type Triopetra beach for a swim, a walk, coffee, lunch or dinner at the fantastic taverns with a breathtaking sea view.


- Enjoy the sunset view from the comfort of your room or at the yoga veranda.

Hike the beautiful gorges of Rethymno. Kourtaliotis (length: 3 km) is one of the most spectacular natural attractions of Rethymnon.The huge cliffs of the canyon reach a height of - 600 meters and are full of caves, where significant fauna species live.

Or go further to the west, to the worldwide known Samariá Gorge. A National Park of Greece and a World's Biosphere Reserve. It will take 6 hours to cross it so plan wisely. There is a boat departing from Agios Pavlos to Samaria’s sea mouth (Agia Roumeli) and you can always visit without walking the gorge to its North exist.

- Visit Beach of Preveli, also known as Lake Preveli or Phoenix. During the 60s and 70s, it was a favorite destination for hippies. On the banks of the Grand River there is a large colony of Theophrastus palm trees, which give the region a sense of an African landscape. The river, forming a large lake, 1.5km long, before emptying into the sea, has water all year round. You can walk along the river, under the shade of palm trees and other trees, and start ascending in the beautiful canyon


For more information on the area and the sightseeing choices you can check: http://www.cretanbeaches.com/


  Cost - Accommodation

Yoga sessions - 50 Euros per session, or 370 for 8 sessions

Payments via Paypal info@majayoga.gr or

Bank Austria:

AT26 12000 10016982901 



Kavos Melissa rooms - rooms with small terrace, kitchenette, own bathroom, air condition and a wonderful view overlooking the sea

Luxury apartments Varkotopi 




Kavos Melissa (all rooms are looking over the sea, have air condition, private bathroom, shower, kitchenette, fridge, and a small balcony) - Distance from sea: 400m


Cavos Melissa 1 - One person - one room with double bed, living room, fridge and kitchenette, air condition, private bathroom and shower, balcony with panoramic sea view

Cavos Melissa 2 - two persons - one room with either two single beds or one double bed, living room, fridge and kitchenette, air condition, private bathroom and shower, balcony with panoramic sea view 

Cavos Melissa 2x - Two persons - two separate rooms, living room, fridge and kitchenette, air condition, private bathroom and shower, balcony with panoramic sea view


Luxury apartments, Varkotopi (all rooms are looking over the sea, have air condition, private bathroom and shower, living room and a terrace with private pool) - Distance from sea 50m:


Varkotopi Luxury 1 - One person with a double bed, living room with a kitchen, private pool, terrace​ with panoramic view, air condition, private bathroom and shower

Varkotopi Luxury 2 - Two persons with a double bed, living room with a kitchen, private pool, terrace​ with panoramic view, air condition, private bathroom and shower

Varkotopi Luxury 2x - Two persons - two separate rooms, each with double bed, living room with a kitchen, private pool, terrace​ with panoramic view, air condition, 2 private bathrooms and showers

Varkotopi Luxury 3 - Three persons in two separate rooms, each with double bed and one adjustable 1.5 size couch, living room with a kitchen, private pool, terrace​ with panoramic view, air condition, 2 private bathrooms and showers

All tax included

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