In this course we will resource ourselves by discovering the patterns in which structures of our body designed and developed themselves, with a purpose of optimal functioning and synergy with the whole.


While moving at a moderate pace, we will:

- Explore pulsation and spirals as the main evolutionary template for movement. Following these templates and patterns that have already been paved for us by the intelligence of our (self)creation, we tap into our original design. The movement feels natural, like water flowing along the carved stone lines. Oftentimes, subtle spaces from within open up, without any need for stretching or pulling. It is from these subtle spaces that clarity of perception, and (re)learning can arise.


- Trace and map the bones, suspended inside their wider fluid environment.

- Observe changes in our basal tone, responding to the moment-by-moment changes in tension and compression forces within us.


- Revitalize the organ body by encouraging the jellyfish-like motion of our diaphragm.

Movement will contain some elements of asana, but these will be explored only in the context of natural human development.


We will engage in sequences that make sense to our body, and regenerate us both physically and neurologically.

Price: 60 Euros for payments before 5th of November, 70 Euros after