Sensit Yoga Somatics Fest | 19-20-21 November 2021
with 12 Teachers
 and in 3 languages


19 November | 15:00 | Ioanna Dassis | Front and back body/nurture body and protective body [EN]

Once upon a time, we were a small group of cells that had the power to create a body. We will start by exploring and experiencing conscious touch. Then we will use conscious touch, sounds and movement-asanas to connect with embryological phases (endoderm-yolk sac, ectoderm-amniotic sac) that could still be felt in our today body. These embryological phases could “remind” us of the intelligence and the power for creation that our “divine” cells have. The activity of the divine that all beings are is the creation (and dissolution) of the manifest universe (Wallis,Ch. (2013)Tantra Illuminated: the philosophy, history, and practice of a timeless tradition. USA: Mattamayura Press. p.60)

  • Bio

My journey in yoga and “body explorations” in general started when I was 18. I was intensively looking for a way to have a connection with my body. Since then I’m still exploring ways to connect deeper and deeper with myself and to inspire others to do so.  Yoga is the main path through which I’ve found a connection with myself in general. Then, Sensit Yoga was a magic doorway to my inner universe. Sensit Yoga for me offers the pure essence of Yoga, the tools and ways to explore the self, and the inner connectedness. As well as the connectedness that exists in the whole universe. I’ve completed 500hr of Yoga studies at Athens Yoga with Maja Zilih and other teachers. Studies for me never ends, there is always something different, something new to discover. I’m dedicated in finding ways to make yoga accessible to anyone who is interested in it, regardless of age, body abilities and social background. I’m always happy to inspire others to explore their own inner universes and the way that it’s connected with all the other universes.