Sensit Yoga Somatics Fest | 19-20-21 November 2021
with 12 Teachers
 and in 3 languages


20 November | 19:30 | Wanda Pierri | Trust your gut! How we eat ourselves to ease or dis-ease, one bite at a time [EN]

The greatest wealth is health, and Hippocrates said it first: “All disease begins in the gut”.  Your heart, your brain, your immune system (a whopping 80% of your immune system lies in your gut!), your mood, your skin, your sleep, and everything in between, are all affected by your gut and its health (or lack thereof).
Why is the gut so important?
How can it affect so many systems and health issues?
How can I know if my gut needs help?
How can I improve my gut health?
Questions to… chew on.

  • Bio
I am a mother, a woman, a child, an artist, a jumble of fearless cosmic stardust and anxious human being, an eternal optimist, a hopeless romantic, a curious and grateful seeker with a deep lust for Life, learning, and loving, meaningful connections.
I am also a Yoga Therapy Practitioner and Holistic Health Coach, with additional studies in Psychology, Functional Breathing , Integrative Nutrition, and Sensit Yoga Somatics as an embodied approach to yoga. 
I work closely with people to gently support, educate, guide, empower and accompany them on their journey to maintain or improve their physical and mental health and wellbeing; gain more energy, vitality, strength, balance, equanimity and joy; suffer less pain, stress, and limitation, manage their condition, reduce symptoms and potential treatment side-effects; set and achieve their overall health goals and enjoy a fuller, sweeter, longer life.
Some of my Studies…
 400h Yoga Therapy Certification - Yoga Therapy Greece
300h Yoga Psychology Certification - Ashley Turner 
Graduate Certificate in Psychology - The American College of Greece
Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching Certification - Institute for Integrative Nutrition 
Functional Breathing & Buteyko Method Certification - Buteyko Clinic International
Digestive System specialization and Hormone Balance training - Functional Nutrition Alliance
200h Yoga Teachers Training - Maja Zilih
Sensit Yoga Somatics workshops and trainings - Maja Zilih
Accessible Yoga - Jivana Heyman
Yoga for Scoliosis - Elise Miller
Pre-natal & Post-natal Yoga - Jonni-Lyn Friel
Kids Yoga & Yoga for Teenagers -  Bryony Duckitt
Evidence-Based Coaching Training Program- Athens Coaching Institute
Lead Auditor for ISO 9001 Quality Systems & Team Facilitator Certifications - David Hutchins International
BSc. Management and Organizational Behavior - The American College of Greece