Sensit Yoga Somatics Fest | 19-20-21 November 2021
with 12 Teachers
 and in 3 languages


21 November | 12:00 | Lisa Dallinger | Fertility Yoga [DE]

21 November | 16:00 | Lisa Dallinger | Fertility Yoga [EN]

Fertility yoga is all about becoming soft. Softening the belly and opening up the space of the heart in order to receive and let grow.
Regardless of you trying to get pregnant or not, this emotional and physical process can also support the “planting” of any seed: a dream, an idea, a change in your life… So in a way “Fertility Yoga” is for everyone.

In this session we will gently embody our heart and the organs of the belly through meditations and breathing techniques. We will look at some astonishing facts about the anatomy of these organs.
From a place of connectedness we will move the body in mindful asana-practice with an emphasis on the two qualities of strength and softness in the belly, spiraling movements and apana vayu (the downward and outward flow of energy in the body).

  • Bio
Yoga for me is the moment of meeting myself, stepping out of the tornado of thoughts and having compassion with myself. Through mindful asanas, breathing and meditation I am experiencing peace in my mind, body and soul. 
I am practicing yoga since 2009 and did my first Yoga Teacher Training (200 hrs.) in 2018 with Maja Zilih.
- Accessible Yoga Teacher Training (with Jivana Heyman)
- Yoga for Pregnancy Teacher Training (with Astrid Felsenreich)
- Fertility Yoga Teacher Training (with Rosie Matheson and Ana Davis)
- ongoing: Sensit Yoga 300 hrs. Teacher Training (with Maja Zilih)
My professional background is the work with women* in different contexts. The opportunity for women* to strengthen themselves and connect in groups and through yoga is a big aspect of my teaching.