Sensit Yoga Organ Series

is a recorded Workshop with Maja Zilih conducted in May 2020 (in High Resolution 2K/FHD)


  • I. Lungs 
  • II. Heart 
  • III. Digestive System I
  • IV. Digestive System II
  • V: Urinary System
  • VI. Reproductive System

Our organs constitute a highly intelligent internal system that nourishes, maintains and balances all life. In response to subtle movements with refined attention, organs can relax, revitalize, and return to balance.

In Sensit Yoga Organ Series we tune into the inner body, clearing the communication pathways from the organ-body to the brain. This “listening“ enables us to sense the patterns of holding and accumulating tension in the organ tissues, and to support the organs in such a way that allows the tension to release and re-patterning to begin to happen.

Furthermore, for yoga practitioners, the asana becomes something that EMERGES out of the internal connections and support systems, and it does so with lightness and a sense of volume. It appears as though the external shape-shifting is actually a response to the internal need for fluidity, spaciousness or other expression that is arising from each of the organs individually, or the organ system as a whole.

If you are a yoga teacher, you can count the hours of this program as 12 hrs of continuing Yoga Alliance education (YACEP)

Price: 149€ 

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