These gentle and accessible somatic sessions open up new avenues of comfort and freedom by mapping our skeletal connections, and relaxing the fascial membranes around the organs.

We journey through our embryonic development, natural developmental patterns and the exploration of our body-systems.

Inspired by Body-Mind Centering

The most common benefits of this course include:

- pain relief,

- restful sleep,

- nervous sytem regulation, and

- balanced, coordinated locomotion.

The practice lasts 1 hour, and Q&A 15 minutes

Appropriate to beginner students.

PRICE to access the 4K/UHD Recordings of this Workshop

20 Euros - per session   

100 Euros - All 6 Sessions (I, II, III, IV, V, VI)

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Deep relaxation and rehabilitation - M. Konstantoulaki, 2018

I experienced a greater connection with myself, listening to what the body has to say. Greater awareness, interoception and empathy are cultivated through micro-movements and observation. - E. Korpou, RYT500 - wellness coach | Yoga healing aka Εφη Κορπου 

Deep, conscious, and very liberating. This practice awakens the senses, unblocks the energy and gives the feeling of freedom and authenticity. The most gentle and at the same time enjoyable way to gain knowledge of the self and empathy toward others - E. Skopa, 2020 - Yoga Teacher 200hrs

Every time I practice Sensit, I feel a calming effect on my nervous system. Every movement arises more naturally, more easily, and the strength that is being built comes without the unnecessary tension. The way Maja teaches embodied anatomy through her meditative, step by step guidance, leads me to greater depths of awareness and self-realisation. Being guided to initiate the movement through the consciousness of each organ, bone or other tissue, brings me into the now of my being, and turns time into means of self-knowledge. Memories of the past that arise, become useful information for the future. All this results in a sense of greater sense of confidence, self-trust, and ultimately their application in our actions outside the yoga mat! - Ioanna Petridi, Physical Education and Sports teacher, assistant osteopath, Yoga teacher 200 hrs, Sensit Yoga Somatics Teaching Fundamentals diploma



contact: for paypal payment instructions and the link to the 4K Recordings