RECORDED Somatics for Scoliosis | Sensit Somatics Online workshop with Maja Zilih

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In Sensit Somatics for the Scoliosis we explore our beautiful asymmetry and respond to the needs of our body.

We listen to sensations deep within our spine and pelvis, and we move gently to stimulate the dormant/compressed areas, and soften and relax the tense, overworked ones.

We embody our skeletal connections and myofascial tissues, as well as our respiratory, fluid, and nervous systems.

While we observe and address the physiological uniqueness of each side, we also become aware of the related psycho-emotional patterns and attitudes that we have adopted over time.

We bring the two sides into a respectful dialogue, continuous fluid exchange and dynamic integration.

Our body is a living, breathing bio-tensegrity system, within which everything is interconnected. Once we increase our sensory ability, we can harness our unevenness, from the perspective of a unified whole that we are.

In these sessions you will:

- Increase somatic awareness by actively listening to your body in movement
- Observe how the body has shaped your breath, and use the breath to re-shape your body.
- Use sound and self-touch to regain trust, awareness and sensitivity.
- Perceive, access and influence your internal spaces through imagery.

Sensit Somatics help us cultivate patience, self-acceptance and love for living in a beautifully asymmetrical body.

By offering our full presence and lovingkindness to a compressed organ or an overworked muscle, we invite the process of healing to unfold. We repattern a habitual way of thinking about scoliosis as an asymmetrical deficiency, and discover our own unique way to wholeness that is our essential nature.

For teachers, hours count as 4hrs of Sensit Yoga and Somatics education

Price: 110 Euros  

Holiday price (until 7 Jan 23): 40 Euros