Sensit Yoga Immersion 1 | Athens Yoga Center | 26-28 Οκτωβρίου 2018

Sensit Yoga Immersion 1


The main element of this immersion is becoming conscious of our relationship to gravity. Awakening our sense of gravity we begin to move, stand, speak and act in a way that feels connected, comfortable and grounded. Practicing with gravity provides a powerful inner support system that over time helps us become calmer and more rooted, giving us a feeling of stability and belonging. 

By working with gravity in yoga asana, optimum alignment for each person can arise. Receiving feedback from the ground we become better able to estimate the balanced amount of effort we need to invest in each asana. In this way we can give our tissues enough stimuli for vitality and progress, without causing injury to the body.

The immersion includes 4 hour practice daily that consists of
- Foundation, gravity and inner connections as tools for stability and ease (Stira Sukham Asanam)
- Embodied anatomy: Feeling the bones and key muscles that facilitate freedom in movement
- finding space in the joints,
- discovering ways in which the foundation (contact points with the ground) can support and free the spine in any given asana
- integrating leg bones into the pelvis and arm bones into the ribcage, allowing them to “serve” the spine
- releasing the weight and tension into the Earth through the connections between our bones (eg hip to heel, tail to crown etc),
- becoming sensitive to the feedback and support that we receive back from the Earth in standing, balancing, arm weight bearing and seated asanas.
- Differentiating movement initiation points for learning new ways to move and hold postures without exhaustion, while deepening our capacity for awareness
- Pranayama and seated meditation

And 2 hours of methodology for teachers where they learn
- Asana in detail and the sequence covered
- Functional movement and exercises that constitute a preparation for asana, as well as injury prevention (awakening the feet, strengthening the hamstrings, wrists and shoulders)
- Interoception: Ways to invite students to sense, feel and explore within their yoga practice
- Teaching basic pranayama and meditation

Day 1 has emphasis on common standing and seated asana
Day 2 focuses on arm weight bearing poses (from cat-cow to handstand)
Day 3 combines standing and arm weight bearing poses into the work with balance