Sensit Yoga Immersion 1


The main element of this immersion is an embodied experience of our relationship to gravity. By working with gravity in yoga asana, as well as in walking, dancing, standing or any other activity,  the bones can come to an optimum alignment, and ease in movement can arise. By receiving the feedback and rebound from the ground, our movement gains support and efficiency. We train ourselves to tense less and relax more, accomplishing any given movement task with minimal required tension in the neuromuscular system. We become better able to estimate the balanced amount of effort and ease, providing our tissues with sufficient stimuli for vitality and progress, without causing strain, injury or exhaustion. 

The immersion includes 3 hour practice daily that consists of
- Fundamental movement principles of yield and push

- Moving from the inner body across the three planes of movement

- Foundation, gravity and inner connections as tools for stability and ease (Stira Sukham Asanam)
- Embodied anatomy: Feeling the alignment of bones and the key muscles that facilitate freedom in movement
- The diaphragms and their role in alignment, asana and transitions
- Periphery in service of the center: integrating leg bones into the pelvis and arm bones into the rib cage, allowing them to “serve” the spine
- finding space in the key joints and releasing the weight and tension into the Earth through the connections between our bones (eg hip to heel, tail to crown etc),
- Differentiating movement initiation points
- Pranayama and seated meditation

And 2 hours of Sensit Yoga methodology for learning
- Sequencing according to the planes of movement, compensatory and complementary yoga poses
- Functional movement and exercises that constitute a preparation for asana, as well as injury prevention (awakening the feet, strengthening the hamstrings, wrists and shoulders)
- Interoception: Ways to embody your yoga practice
- Bandhas and pranayama in the Sensit Yoga method

Price: 240 Euros

For the yoga teachers, the hours of this workshop can count towards Sensit Yoga Teacher Training 300hrs