The tissues of our body developed and manifest in spiral-like patterns. In Sensit Yoga Ground Workshop we move from relaxing with gravity, into rolling and spiraling on the ground, to discover the path of least resistance and tap into the original design of spirals. Movement and meditation merge into one practice of heightened proprioceptive and interoceptive awareness, gradually taking us to a place of no guidance or instruction, just the surrender into the non-voluntary, spontaneous expression.

In the morning practice we will dive into

- rolling and spiraling on the ground (unpacking the sequences into simple steps),

- conscious use of gravity,

- embodied exploration of the bones

- intuitive movement.

In the afternoon, those who wish to teach Sensit Yoga method will engage in hands-on exploration of the bones, and learn the rolling/spiraling sequences.

Participation is limited to 7 students.

Saturday and Sunday, 10:00-13:00 (practice) and 13:30-15:00 (hands-on, and Sensit methodology)

Price: 135 Euros for the whole workshop, 90 Euros only practice

Somatic rolling and spiraling on the ground enhances proprioceptive and interoceptive awareness. It reduces neuro-muscular tension, and increases ease, balance, coordination and joint mobility. 

We will complete each session with a couple of restorative yoga postures, using gravity to settle down in stillness, integrating the previous experiences in a state of relaxation of the entire neuro-musculo-fascial system.