Our organs constitute a highly intelligent internal system that nourishes, maintains and balances all life. In response to care and refined attention, organs can relax, revitalize, and return to balance

Sensit yoga with refined attention to the organs improves the functioning of the organ system, but it also stengthens its communication with the nervous and endocrine systems.

The movements, the asana, the sound vibration and gentle touch with presence, help us to locate tension in the organ tissues, and discover ways to release it. This practice brings a deep relaxation and relief, as well as toning and vitality in the entire organ system.

In addition, asana where the musculoskeletal system is supported by the internal space of the organs, is experienced with more lightness and ease, with the feeling that external movement simply "responding" to the internal need for breath, spaciousness, connection or other expression that emerges in the each of the organs individually.

If you are a yoga teacher, you can count the hours of this program as 12 hrs of continuing Yoga Alliance education, and 12 hours of Sensit Yoga Studies 300hrs.


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Price: 170 Euros

Friday: Lungs and Heart
Saturday: Digestive System
Sunday: Urogenital System