Sensit Yoga Somatics invite you to move with an open attention, curiosity and receptivity, in order to discover the patterns that enhance your wellbeing, release the ones that inhibit you, and pave your way to greater freedom in the body and mind.

In these 4 sessions we will celebrate new beginnings, make new connections, and create a special space that inspires and supports our learning and growth.

Developmentally sequenced asana practice will give you the opportunity to explore your fascial matrix, to revitalise your organs, and to bring forth ease and fluidity in moving, thinking and feeling.

The synergistic intelligence of PARTS leads us to the expression of the dynamic, undifferentiated WHOLENESS that is our essential nature.

All throughout the course, we aim at creating ease in movement, enhancing our kinaesthetic awareness, cultivating good relationship to gravity, orientation and coordination, all of which help us generate the feeling of safety, calm and embodied sense of being. 


Freiraum institute is in 9th district, next to U2 Shottentor station.

Price and terms:

The price for the course of 4 sessions is 80 Euros.

If you miss 1 class, you can transfer the credit to the next course, online or in person, but the second missed class is not transferrable.

We will be a group with a maximum of 10 students, so it's best if you book early to reserve your spot.

Payment via Paypal:


Education path:

For teachers on the path of the Sensit Yoga 300hr Advanced Studies, with additional 5 online hours, this course will count as 12 hours.