Awaken your breath / Embodied anatomy of breathing / Sensit Somatics LIVE virtual Online workshop with Maja Zilih

This course will give you an in-depth empirical understanding of the respiratory process, and the physiology involved in breathing.

When we release inhibitions from the breathing fascia, muscles and organs, the movement of the breath becomes easy, rhythmic, and adaptable to the circumstances. Our diaphragms pulse like jelly-fish in the sea, revitalising our entire myo-fascial system, and giving a gentle massage to our organ body.

This meditative practice gives us a refined sensory sensitivity, which helps our nervous system distinguish and choose those breathing patterns that serve and enhance our emotional health and physical vitality.

Breath is an interface between the universal spirit/consciousness and our own physiology. Exploring the universal aspect of our breathing helps us experience ourselves as a part of the natural world and become more appreciative of the inextricable relationships between all life forms.

For teachers, hours count as 6hrs of Sensit Yoga and Somatics education.

Price before August 20th : 85 Euros  

Price after August 20th: 100 Euros 

Price includes 30-day access to the recording

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