In this 3-part course we will flow through the inner body of our organs.

Wherever we feel undernourished, stuck or unsupported, we will get the energy moving and fluids flowing, providing empathetic, resonant environment .

We will journey through the most potent period of our life - embryological development - remembering the origins of our self-sufficiency and ability to provide nourishment for our own selves.

We will obtain a felt sense of the structure, function and deep-seated intelligence of our organ system.

We will breathe and move with the energy of different emotions that flow throughout our organs, observing the ebbs and flows of their everchanging nature.

In response to attention and care they receive through sound vibration, movement and touch, our organs can relax, revitalize, and bring about physical and emotional balance.


Session 1: Lungs and Heart

Session 2: Digestive System

Session 3: Urogenital System



Early bird 60 Euros, until September 20th

Price after September 20th: 75 Euros