At any given moment of our life - whether we are a ball of cells, a zygote, an embryo, a toddler, or a grown person - we are always WHOLE

At any given moment of our life - whether a ball of cells, a zygote, embryo, toddler or a grown person - we are always BECOMING
Spend a moment holding these two realities in your awareness.
Does the first one inspire you into seeing the wholeness of who you are, no matter what you are feeling or experiencing? How does your asana practice feel when wholeness is your starting point?

What about becoming? Does it fill you with joy to see that you are continuously evolving, changing, re-inventing yourself?

Not because you have to try hard to change yourself, but because this is the natural process of everything that lives; Cells of your blood, skin and nerves are constantly regenerating. Even the bones are renewing and remodeling themselves according to the requirements.

In our somatic practice, tuning into this reality of our body reminds our mind that everything comes and goes - that we are never stagnant, ever-changing, always in a process of becoming!

In these 4 sessions we will explore pulsation, navel radiation and spirals as a main evolutionary motif for movement, perception and learning. Dynamic movement will be balanced with plenty of spiralling and rolling on the ground.

When we listen and follow these original, natural movement patterns, asana acquires a deeper meaning. It becomes an expression of clarity and connections that support optimal alignment. Our movement, learning, and communication become more efficient. The consciousness of yoga starts to emerge from the depths of our being, as we settle into our natural state of soft and relaxed wakefulness.

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95 Euros thereafter

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