Touch is the very first sense that we develop, as early as 3 weeks after the conception!

It is through touch that we first start to embody ourselves as a separate, individual entity,  and to explore the world around us.

Throughout both childhood and adulthood, to regularly receive caring and responsive touch is essential for our sense of safety, wellbeing and nourishment from within.

In our touch-deprived societies, especially after prolonged periods of isolation and lock-downs, practicing embodied, conscious touch can be incredibly supportive and healing for the physical tissues, and for our nervous system alike. 

What is embodied touch? It is a state of staying present in our OWN body, while connecting with the OTHER. In a relaxed atmosphere, we are exploring the sensations that arise at the place of contact, as well as elsewhere in our body (eg. connection to gravity). This state of presence is what gets transmitted between the two parties, so that each can learn more about themselves.

In regular life, practicing embodied touch is a great tool to bring us into the present moment. We begin to feel the support of the ground, and the touch of the space as we move and dance through life.

Furthermore, we start to see touch as in integral part of life that helps us grow in awareness and sensitivity. We pay attention to how our voice and words can "touch" another being. We take interest in the way we "come in touch" with our thoughts and feelings. Does our awareness touch what is inside us with qualities of listening and empathy?

In practical terms, we will move through 3 systems - skeletal, fascial, and nervous. For each system, we will first engage in about 20 minutes of conscious moving to music, and then partner up for about 20 minutes of conscious touch.

Saturday 18th Dec - location: Freiraum Institute Wien

Türkenstrasse 8 / Top 2, A-1090 Vienna
Entrance: Liechtensteinstrasse 10A

35 Euros   for payments until December 12th: 

40 Euros   after December 12th


Sunday 19th Dec - Online 

Online participants must be in couples

70 Euros per couple   for payments until December 12th: 

80 Euros per couple  after December 12th