Following the principles of our body's original design: connectedness and continuity - our practice will serve as a ritual of connecting and honoring all aspects of our being.

We will begin with the awareness of the HEART as our physiological and emotional center, sensing into the pericardium - the protective fascial membrane that surrounds the heart and ties directly into into the area of the throat and the organs of vocalisation.

It is these fascial continuities that will help us observe how certain feelings (joy, grief, shame..) manifest in the heart-throat area, emanating particular energy fields. We will explore movement and sound that can give resonance and expression to our emotional experiences.

Awareness, mantra, music and movement will help us open an inner dialogue of empathy and inclusion, where every part of us can be seen as significant as any other, welcomed and integrated, making this journey a very special ritual of wholeness and reconciliation.

Price 25 Euros  

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