In March, Sensit Yoga Somatic sessions will help us deepen the trust in the wisdom of the soma, and hone our interoceptive abilities

We use gravity to channel the forces throughout the spirals of our joints, muscles and fascia. Discovering spirals in the tissues of our body enhances ease, fluidity and pleasure in movement. We build intelligent strength, plenty of support as the movement reveals the pathways of least resistance.

We will engage in practices that increase the flow of prana in the areas of our kidneys and our liver, thereby improving their cleansing capacity. We will use the tools for calming the adrenal glands, and stimulating our Vagus nerve. We will also work to activate the energy of the higer chakras through the pituitary and pinneal glands of the head - to clear our vision, and receive the light as a form of guidance for our future actions.

Each session begins and ends with the slow and delicious somatic spiralling on the ground, allowing the connective tissue to unwind, release adhesions, decentralise any accumulated tension and a full-body relaxation to take place.

Price: 75 Euros for the block of 4 (non-transferrable) March classes: 10, 17, 24 and 31 March