November organ-body care and support:

Our organs constitute a highly intelligent internal system that nourishes, maintains and balances all life. In response to attentive, refined movement, organs can relax, revitalize, and return to balance

Sensit yoga with refined attention on the organs improves the functioning of the organ system, while claryfing and harmonising its communication with the nervous and endocrine systems.

The movements, the asana, the sound vibration and gentle touch with presence, help us to locate tension in the organ tissues, and discover ways to release it. This practice brings a deep relaxation and relief, as well as toning and vitality in the entire organ system.


18:00-19:00 Sensit Somatics (60 min, 15 Euros)

Sensit Somatics
is an inner journey through movement, sound and visualisations. We move mostly by rolling on the ground with a relaxed, open attention. We sense the tone of our fascia and use our relationship to gravity to release the "overtoned" spaces, and to eneryze the undertoned ones. All along we search for what feels good, supportive and balancing. This allows the internal waves of our energy and fluids to nourish and replenish us from within. This November, our fields of exploration will include: developmental movement, the organ body, conscious touch, bone-breathing, cellular respiration, and bio-tensegrity in motion.

19:00-20:30 Sensit Yoga (90 min, 25 Euros)

Sensit Yoga is a practice of body-mind integration. The sessions combine embodied approach to asana, pranayama and meditation. Every yoga posture is explored from within the living/breathing tissues of our body, as a dynamic synergy between systems such as skeletal, respiratory, neuroendocrine and other. As the mind journeys through the inner landscapes, we become more fully engaged with the moment-to-moment unfolding of life. Our sensitivity deepens and our perception expands. The yoga practice becomes a true resource, a ritual of self-care, that helps us cope with any number of life's challenges and leads us into a more joyful way of moving and being.

Packages: 2 sessions on the same day = 30 Euros

4 Monday sessions 19:00-20:30 = 80 Euros (prepaid, non-transferable)
4 Monday double-sessions (18:00-20:30) = 110 Euros (prepaid, non-transferable)