In February, we will playfully explore balance as a process, as something that we are always orienting ourselves towards, not some ideal, static state to aspire to. In a way, we dont really know what balance is, nor can we ever experience perfect equilibrium, but the quest for it, the path itself, often points out to us what is needed at any given moment, to bring us closer to the desired balance.

Learning from the tissues of our body, we will play with balancing asana with the awareness of continuous movement in, towards and out of balance. It is in those moments that we improve body awareness, coordination and reaction time. It helps us get in touch with the intrinsic muscles of our body, and gives us the feeling of being in- our-center while being in motion at the same time.

We will use pranayama and other energy-balancing techniques, as well as methods from the field of psychology to cultivate balance in the mind and heart.

Price: 80 Euros, recording available