With the arrival of spring, and the shedding of winter layers, it's a great opportunity to awaken and revitalize our fascia and organs!
Fascia is the connective webbing that envelops and integrates our internal spaces. Fascia is also our largest sensory organ, that provides feedback on our psycho-emotional states and energy. The coupling of attention with spiralic movements activates fascia's sensory property, leading to increased self-awareness, especially in regards to where in our body we could use some extra  tone, and where we need to loosen the effort. It enables us to sense the body as a whole and to expand the notion of connectivity to other aspects of our lives.

Organs: Sensit Yoga with refined attention to organs improves their function and communication with other bodily systems. With an intention of self-care, this practice helps locate, tone and revitalise our organs through movement, touch and sound. The movements become lighter and more coordinated, as the energy and boyancy of the organs funnels into the torso and limbs.

18:15-19:45 Sensit Yoga (drop-in class 25 Euros)

19:45-20:30 Sensit Somatics (drop-in class 20 Euros)


Drop-in classes: Sensit Yoga = 25 Euros Sensit Somatics = 20 Euros

Price for the whole March (4 double-sessions 18:30-20:45) = 130 Euros