Surya Yantrasana & The Path of the Heart / Montags in Perform Wien / Fridays online

Surya Yantrasana is often referred to as the 'Sundial pose' due to its shape resembling a sundial or a compass. April practice will be an opportunity to explore our own sensory compass that orients us in time and space. Through the art of deep listening, we can hone our skills of awareness and inquiry, uncovering the needs that lay beneath our unfulfilled desires and aspirations, and use our inner compass to focus our attention and action in the direction of our heart's true calling. 
Sessions start with tension release, myofascial tissue rejuvenation, and enhanced sensory awareness using restorative yoga, pranayama and somatic spiraling.
As we establish a felt sense of support and awaken our sensory capacities, we then move on to a dynamic practice that developes intelligent and responsive core, leading to the feeling of limbs spreading outwardly from the navel center. The culmination of Surya Yantrasana will be explored with a wide variety of more accessible modifications.
The last grounding section will use restorative postures and meditation to take us deeper into the experience of mind-body integration.
18:30-19:30 Sensit Somatics (drop-in class 20 Euros)

19:30-20:45 Sensit Yoga (drop-in class 25 Euros)

Both classes on the same day: 40 Euros