Yet another teaching season coming to an end, I am grateful for this distinctive field that we create, sustain, and continue to expand together, as we move from the depths of our sensory awareness, to trust in the wisdom of our body, to the journeys towards emotional maturation and psycho-spiritual integration. I already look forward to continue next autumn to share with you my inspiration and insights from all the sources that help me broaden my perspectives.
For the last month of this season we will seek to balance our nerves and glands - body systems that manage and sustain our internal energies, influence our perceptions, shape our moods and drive our decisions.

18:30-19:50 Sensit Yoga (drop-in class 25 Euros)

Sensit Yoga is a practice of body-mind integration. The sessions combine embodied movement, breathwork and meditation. As we tune into the living tissues of our bones, fascia and organs, the mind settles and awareness expands. We discover supportive connections within us, and we deepen the nourishing relationship to gravity. In this process, we get to release accumulated tension and inhibitions, revitalize our tissues, and experience a joyful way of moving and being.


19:55-20:45 Sensit Somatics (drop-in class 20 Euros)

is an inner journey through movement, sound and visualisations. Your movement is guided by your natural curiosity, sensing the tone of your fascia, releasing tension places into gravity and by searching for what feels good and supportive. This allows the waves and rhythms of your fluids to nourish and replenish you from within. This January, our fields of exploration will include: skeletal intelligence and bone-breathing, fascia and bio-tensegrity in motion.


Drop-in classes: Sensit Somatics = 20 Euros, Sensit Yoga = 25 Euros

Both classes on the same day: 40 Euros

Price for the whole June (4 double-sessions 18:30-20:45) = 140 Euros