This month we will dive into the mysteries of our embryonic origins, the time of immense change and potentiality. Within this period of continual folding and unfolding, inner volumes intertwined with membranes giving rise to the organs and glands, with all their complexity and intelligence. We will sense and trace the emotional energies within our body, helping them flow and transform through movement patterns inherent to our original design, such as pulsation, navel radiation and spirals.

The heart evolved as a spiral, a movement pattern that offers least resistance, and enables the free flow of fluids. It intertwined with the thoracic diaphragm through the fascial sac of pericardium, establishing the connection with our breath. Today we can feel how the heart, cradled safely between the two lungs, is being gently swayed and comforted by the tranquil rhythm of diaphragmatic breathing. The heart was the first - and for a long time - the largest organ in the body. The memory of the heart’s central role in our creation, helps us to embody, understand, and experience life from a heart-centered perspective.

In person: 4 Mondays of March / Perform Studio Wien / 18:30-20:45

130 Euros or 35 per session

Online: 4 Thursdays of March / 18:30-20:00 CET 

80 Euros