Sensit Yoga Somatics Fest with 12 Teachers and in 3 languages [EN, DE, GR]

The Sensit Fest 2021 Programme

  Friday 19 November 2021 - See the schedule ...>

  Saturday 20 November 2021 - See the schedule ...>
Time CET Lang. Teacher Description
10:00 EN Anna Petropoulou Forearm and elbow structure
12:00 EN Silk Graf Grounding -the right to be (me)
14:00 DE Julika Weber   Womb Yoga
17:00 EN Wanda Pierri So you think you can breathe? 
19:00 EN Maja Zilih Fluids

  Sunday 21 November 2021 - See the schedule ...>

Sensit Yoga™ | with Maja Zilih

Sensit Yoga is a practice of presence and awareness through mindful and sensitive movement. It involves listening and feeling ourselves on a deeper level which helps us discover our inner sources of strength, creativity and freedom.

In Sensit Yoga, the healing of body-mind happens through a cultivation of gentle and supportive inner relationship, listening to our body, and being guided by its wisdom. We study and understand our body-mind more intimately through a direct experience of our bones, muscles, fascia, organs, glands and the ever-changing states of our nervous system.

We become aware of the body as a whole, as well as the connections between particular inner spaces and structures. This awareness brings forth an optimally supported inner organisation, which can then be expressed in any physical shape, form, or movement - be it sitting, walking, running, yoga postures or other.

When we move with relaxed presence and increased sensitivity, the body signals which places accumulate unnecessary tension. In Sensit Yoga we learn to release this tension by directing our attention and breath, by initiating movement from different points in the body, and by utilizing our relationship to gravity in particular ways.

When the energy that was holding the accumulated tension gets unleashed, the result is an energized, joyful and effortless way of moving and being.